28 thoughts on “Spring

        1. The key for you guys this year would be it was “just a bit wintery”

          Warm and sunny out in the west albeit a tad on the breezy side. Feel like late April not late March and the snowpack is shrinking fast. Not good for wildfire season. Thus how about sending some of that just a bit wintery weather our way if you do not mind.

          1. Please take all that you can! 😉
            My son, who lives in the Sierra Nevada in CA, told me yesterday that the ‘mountains look like the end of June.’ So NOT GOOD!

  1. Endless sky is something we very rarely find here as the mountains are so near. I love to experience it when I’m up in the north of Germany, at the sea, where nothing blocks the horizon.
    I always have the feeling as well, that the vastness of the sky also gives me a hint of inner freedom and calmness.

    Will the grass become green later? But I like those colors nevertheless. 🙂

    1. Hi Suzan, indeed both the sky and the ocean or large bodies of water are wonderful to look at for that feeling of space and vastness. I as well find that I need that space. The grass will green up there but only for a short time as this photo was taken in the high desert plateau in the four corners region of the US.

  2. There is beauty in the golden/brown/reds of dried grasslands, especially when it is contrasted against a vivid blue sky like in your shot. Lovely suggestive clouds. Rain soon perhaps. 🙂

    1. HI Jane, I bet the rain is not far off. Usually in mid-april the afternoon showers might appear. To me this dry grass but beginning of the cumulus clouds makes time better than a clock as it is real time not a construct.

    1. Thanks and thanks for taking time to leave a little feedback as it is appreciated. Yes it is the time of contrast both in landscape with the dry grass and hint of precipitation in the sky as well as the contrast between the end of winter and beginning of spring. The desert of Utah is a fun place at this time. Hope you are having a great day and thanks again for the feedback.

  3. Nice photo!

    I’m just proud to see someone who uses the word “cumulus.” ha ha Weather and clouds are what my daughter is studying in her science class right now. It drives her crazy if I point and say “Look! There’s a…” and use the scientific name for a cloud. 🙂

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