Wilson’s Phalarope


Long legs and all, a Wilson’s Phalarope is checking out a temporary pond along the ditch on a country road in northern Colorado last spring. Can’t wait to see these guys again this spring but that is month or two and a few spring showers away. Happy Tuesday.

12 thoughts on “Wilson’s Phalarope

    1. Thanks Paula, These are indeed elegant looking birds especially out of water with their long legs and slender tall bodies. The bird equilavent of a super model in a way. Hope your day is going well.

    1. Hi Eliza,if you would have asked 5 years ago if I was a “birder” the answer would have been a resounding no but now a timid maybe. We lover sign out to see what creatures are around us on this wonderful planet and birds make up the majority of what we easily see and by holy it is fun to notice them all and photograph some of them. Such variety and in some cases an abundance to see. These guys are only around when the ponds fill up in the spring or in wetter areas.

          1. You can’t be that long in the tooth given how much hiking you do! You come across as ‘youthful’ – I place you in your 30s, 😉 its funny how age is a guess in the cyber world – details don’t matter!

          2. HI Eliza, I do like how many variables were would use to make relationships in the “real” world are not used as filters in the cyber world. That concept must be the focus of numerous psychology experiments . Well you are just a tad bit generous in your age estimate but I will take it.

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