12 thoughts on “Silo

  1. Why Thanks. Holgas are fun to use and you just never know what the results will be, which is the fun of it. Have a great evening and thanks again for taking a peek.

    1. Johan, thanks. I also like your use of technology and or processing in your images to give them the feel you desire. Nice landscapes of the North on your blog and you about page is inspiring. Take care and have a great weekend.

    1. Hi and well perhaps it is a dalek. To be honest the word sounded familiar to me but having only seen Dr Who long ago in my teenage years on public television the meaning was quite distant. A quick Professor google search brought me up to date. Lean something everyday and not always what you expect to learn. Thanks and have a great week.

  2. I haven’t heard of the Holga before but I googled it. It sure lends itself to creating pictures with a real sense of atmosphere. I liked your silo very much. Oh, and how easy is it to get the film developed because where I am a lot of camera shops dont do it anymore.

    1. Hi, yes the yoga can be a nice creative tool although very hit and miss and sometimes frustrating. Mine is modified with a fair bit of black theater tape to prevent light leaks I don’t want. I am lucky and live near a great film processor and have also had access to a darkroom to develop film on my own so I can’t answer how hard it is to get developed. I have heard other talk about mail order developing that is fairly priced and quickly done so perhaps a question for Dr. Google to answer.

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