Wood Thrush


For me the Wood Thrush is a bird I may often hear but seldom seem. Hanging out in those forests deep with green and hidden out of sight they have such a wonderful song. After listening to his song for several minutes this Wood Thrush flew out and landed on a post in a clearing for a minute or two before retuning back into the woods. Love the pudgy belly on this one.

22 thoughts on “Wood Thrush

  1. Magical picture. I miss wood thrushes, I had a whole bunch at our last house and loved hearing them in the evening. Now I live in a world of fields and don’t get to hear them.

    1. Hi, we only hear these guys on trips away from home and do miss hearing them in the forests. It is fun to hear a bird frequently and have them out of sight. Kinda adds mystery.

      Do you have Meadowlarks out in your fields?

  2. What a treat! Not sure if I’ve seen or heard these, but I just had to go on Audubon to hear their sound – thanks for sharing this delightful photo and the inspiration to listen to this bird.

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I miss wood thrushes. We had them back east. We used to have hermit thrushes but I haven’t heard one in a couple of years. Nice shot.

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