32 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror

  1. Ha, ha..make me smile..How do I know it is not a donkey but a mule? Please take no offence , I believe you but just want to learn.
    I love his look and I know they are very clever and ‘knowing’ animals. Well photographed indeed.

    1. Hi Paula, and I will admit I am not sure if it is a mule or donkey but it just felt like a mule to me and we have a bit of a personal joke that revolves around the word muling. Which mean a bit stubborn and resistant to dinging something you do not wish to do. So, based upon feeling that day this was a mule.

      Hope your day is going well.

        1. Hi Paula, yes an expert to settle the Donkey-Mule confusion would be great and if it were birds I bet someone Would have already shined in. 🙂

          What characteristics are you using to base the Donkey identification on?

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