Thank goodness for fence poles.

A nice looking Wilson’s Snipe singing away on a fence post along a small county road in Southern Wyoming. Photographed while on the way to Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

12 thoughts on “Snipe

  1. David

    Nice photo. It’s great when they’ll hold a pose for you. For a minute I thought there were two birds, one taller next to and behind the shorter. Following the lower beak to the head it looks like there is an eye there below the real eye and the curvature of the white feathers above the “eye” look like the curvature of a head.

    1. Hi David and thanks. It is amazing how many birds seem to have something like a false eye below their real eye. Must be some wort of protective effect but I am not sure how it works. Would be great if someone here could chime in and discuss this effect.

      Have a great week.

    1. Hi, many times we can only hear thee guys calling from within the fields that are semi-flooded in the spring but every once in awhile one decided that to be heard amongst the others a fence post is a good spot to call out from. This guy was up on the post singing away. Lucky for us. Hope your day is going well.

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