The Gangs All Here


These guys just look like they are up to something. This group of American White Pelicans was hanging out on the banks of the snake river in Grand Teton National Park and photographed as we floated by in our kayaks.

28 thoughts on “The Gangs All Here

    1. Hi they do and that is what amazes me. To me they see like they belong on the coast and in the ocean not on a a river in the Teton. Probably just associated Pelicans with the ocean young in life and it just stuck with me. Hope your week is off to a great start.

      1. And they congregate, too, on Lake Eyre when it’s in flood, or any other wetlands in the Australian, often very dr,y outback regions. I think the one on the left looks to be the ringleader, by that look in his/her eye!

          1. Thanks, Mike, my day has been going very well. I’m preparing my PC for the Windows 10 Upgrade, happening after jul29, and tonite installed some updates to help that along. Am looking forward to it!

    1. Hi Marsha, it is fun to be able to get to see things from the boat that I would never have otherwise seen and to be able to get a new perspective looking from the water to the shore is really something wonderful. Hope your day is going well and your week ahead is full of fun.

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