24 thoughts on “Sage and Sky

  1. Reblogged this on spiritualworldblog and commented:
    I love sage: Not only does its smoke help to purify the mind and body, but the plant has some other equally amazing healing properties. For example, it is an antiseptic, a sore throat tonic and it works well for darkening gray hair 🙂 This picture of a sage field in Northern Colorado inspired me today. Check out https://naturehasnoboss.wordpress.com/ for more wonderful pictures

    1. Nicolina, thanks for spreading the photo and all the great information you passed along regarding the uses of sage. I am glad the image inspired you as it did me. Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. swedenole13

    The scent of sage on a warm summer day….not one to be forgotten. It brings back a lot of happy memories. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Mmmmm… love this kind of scene. And your photograph renders its stark, merciless beauty perfectly. 🙂

    I recently spent several days in Ashcroft, British Columbia, amid sage brush, cactus and rattlesnakes while on location for filming X-files. Few people realize Canada contains desert landscapes. I just wish I hadn’t been so consumed with work, and so exhausted after work, so I could have captured some scenes like this one.

    1. Hi Patrick, thanks for the thoughtful feedback. Much appreciated. I did not realize there was desert landscape in Canada so thanks for filling me in. I makes sense when I look at the map and see the similarities between the high desert in the US and where it lies compared to where Ashcroft is on the map. Hope your day is gong well and wishing you a great week, with perhaps enough time from work to take a fews photos.

      1. You’re very welcome, Mike. And I just learned a few hours ago I have at least the next 5 days off! YES! So, some cycling, and some swimming, and lots of photography and writing, methinks. 🙂

        Hope your week shapes up at least this well.

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