Boo- a short anthology

A pinhole photograph tribute to our favorite friendly ghost who has taken form as a tree. We have aptly named her Boo. Through the years she has lost her arms but remains standing nonetheless. Happy Halloween….Boo.




Photographed using Holga and Zeroimage pinhole cameras and Kodak Tmax 100 iso film.

14 thoughts on “Boo- a short anthology

    1. Thanks for stoping bu the blog and taking the time to leave the kind feedback. We enjoy sharing some of the things we see whilst out and about and are glad you have enjoyed them. Best wishes an shave a wonderful weekend.

  1. Watching a tree slowly decay and fade away is an exercise in acceptance of the cycles of birth and death. Nothing truly dies, it just becomes something else. Heartening somehow. I have a favorite in the forest, too. Her trunk looks a bit like Boo, in rich shades of rust, brown and gray, and holes where branches once were. Her broken upper trunk lies down an embankment covered fine green moss. Every year there is a bit less and one day, the forest will have completely transformed her. And in way, me as well.

    1. Hi Eliza, indeed nothing dies in this universe and your time with your tree has help reinforce that in you the same as Boo has done for me. We are all one three, rock, stone, wind and human. Wish humanity could somehow recognize that. Thanks for sharing your experience with you tree.

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