10 thoughts on “Water Ouzel

    1. Hi, these birds are truly amazing. Such small creatures yet they dive into the most rapid and raging waters. We sometimes watch them in yellowstone in winter jumping off the ice covered rocks into rapid pools around waterfall. Truly fun to observe. Hope you get a chance to see them sometime as it is a treat.

  1. I think you already know of our ‘search for the A. Dipper’ escapade. This made me squeal with delight! Such a cute little bird, for being so un-colorful. Great shot, Mike.

    We were super lucky back in March to get a singer all to ourselves, up and out of the water for once (http://wp.me/p28k6D-1GE). You are fortunate to be in an area where they reside.

    1. Hi Shannon, well we don’t have too many dippers nearby most of the time. Every winter we do see to have one pair which inhabit a stretch of river we hike along on a regular basis. It is always glad to see them return.

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