28 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

    1. Hi, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with cranes. Sometimes I think they are fantastic birds and interesting to look at while other times I think they are weird and not interesting at all. This day I found their interactions with the snow geese fun to watch.

      1. They have a pair of Sandies at the local sanctuary that will eat out of ones hand. The head may be small but the bill is a bit intimidating! But they are gentle!

        1. That is pretty neat, I sure can picture that bill doing damage and working well for hunting in the grass and even shallow water and when they jump around with legs in the air I would also be wary of those legs. Hope your week is off to a great start.

  1. I think the height of the crane will certainly give them an advantage over the snow geese! I saw a wild Eurasian crane over breakfast at the tudor arms lodge next to Slimbridge wildfowl and wetlands trust centre, they have several cranes there I think, though only one is wild, the others are part of a captive breeding program. Still a great breakfast treat though! 😉 Love the photo! 😀

  2. Cranes are beautiful birds! I know farmers aren’t too happy with geese, as the mess up the land, but it certainly makes a great picture!

    Thank you for sharing and kind regards,

    1. Hi Tieme, hope your doing well. These guys migrate to fields set up for geese and cranes to spend the winter. The fields are flooded to provide roosting spots and in the day the birds leave to forage in the farm fields. Cheers.

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