24 thoughts on “South Platte

  1. I’ve just looked at about a dozen of your photographs, they are like no others, compelling and mysterious. Are those “fog waves” above the river? There is a lot of contrast between your posts here and my recent posts on rainbowspinnaker! Thanks for liking my latest post so I could find your blog.

    1. Thanks for the nice feedback. I enjoyed reading your blog as well and following where you have gone on your sailing and kayak explorations. Although I have no sailing experience after reading your posts it sure makes me think that it would be a great way to explore when the time presents itself. Wishing your great and safe travels. Mike

  2. Mike, after seeing your pinhole images I’m thinking I need to bring this into my classroom. I suppose we could develop the film ourselves and contact print. Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks Dave, I think the easiest way is to have the students construct the camera from cans, boxes etc and expose onto paper and develops the paper prints. I think there are several great website out there that give detailed instructions and some provide enough for a great science lesson. World wide pinhole day http://www.pinholeday.org/ might be a great occasion to tie to this.

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