30 thoughts on “Western Scrub Jay

    1. Thanks Jet, your lucky you get to see these guys all the time. We have regal blue jay that hang around our area and Stellars Jays up in the foothills but the scrub jay is so colorful.Have a great weekend.

    1. HI, I am not sure these guys would have taken seed from our hands but theory were very interested in what we were eating. Maybe with a bit of time and allowing them to get familiar with us we could have had a similar experience. Thanks for taking time to leave a little feedback as we really appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  1. I love his eyebrows. The first time I saw one of these, I was with a westerner and I immediately asked what it was (a bit like asking what those little birds are in England: robins) and the answer was “A jay.” “It is not,” was my response. We had to wrangle around with an Audubon guide. Lovely bird.

    1. HI, are you down south in Az where all the Hummingbirds go for the winter? I forgot the name of the area but I have heard it is pretty amazing. Sounds like a great time.

        1. Hi, I think it is in that area and somewhere in the back of my mind there is a canyon with tons of hummingbirds. Had the birds all left on their migration north already?

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