First Finch


It may be close to March but it feels like mid-to-late April. The tulips are pushing up leaves before the crocus have bloomed and the Finches have displaced the Junco and Chickadee in the trees round the neighborhood.

16 thoughts on “First Finch

    1. Hi Gary and thanks for the feedback and taking the time to leave it. The world as it once was is disappearing fast or so it seems. Here’s to getting out and enjoying what is out there. Mike and Christy.

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Seems early to me too, Mike. Global weirdness. The animals will all have to adapt. Those that don’t, we will lose. We have already lost so many species here. Like, we have Pine Siskins every year except this. I hope we see them next year. Nice finch shot!

    1. Hi Mary, yes this has been a short winter and hopefully a one of a kind winter. Maybe late spring will bring the precipitation (and maybe your pine siskins) back as it often does seem to do. Although I have no recollection of a February this warm.

    1. Yes, it really does not feel like we had a winter either. Maybe a few coldish days here and there but the sorrels have seen only one or two uses and it is almost the end of the season.

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