Black Crowned Night Heron


Waiting ever so patiently to approach the edge of a creek we watched this black Crowned Night Heron sneak up to the edge but to his chagrin we had better luck watching him than he did fishing. Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge in Walden, CO.

16 thoughts on “Black Crowned Night Heron

  1. I love these birds. We get plenty of Yellow-crowned’s, but I have to HUNT for Black-crowned’s as we usually only see them as flyovers. He’s a beaut, Mike!

    1. Hi Miriam, they are unusual and have so many interesting things about them. The black crown and long feathers on their heads. Hope you are having a great day.

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Aw, great shot, Mike. I really miss these birds. We used to have them, but with drought, they all disappeared. They are so cool! Thanks for reminding me of my old friends.

    1. Thanks and I have always wanted to visit Finland and hope to make it there soon. I can understand your not having Herons being so far north. Thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it and have a wonderful day.

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