A Snipes Song


A Male Wilson’s Snipes leaves the comfort of the deep grass to sit on a fence post to sing his lovely song. Ladies are you listening?

Photographed in the Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge near Walden, CO.

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thanks to everyone who looks at the blog we really appreciate all your support.

We are deeply grateful to Cheri Lucas Rowlands for giving us this opportunity. Check out her blog at: https://cherilucasrowlands.com/

54 thoughts on “A Snipes Song

    1. Hi and we hope you do get out there and give wildlife photography a go. It is fun and frustrating all at the sam time like any good relationship I guess. Hope your day is going well and we are glad you found us and looking forward to hearing form you often. We love the feedback.

    1. Hi Sally, they are tough critter to photograph, especially the little ones. It is a treat when we can examine a photograph and see the magnificent details, patterns, colors etc we miss with our eyes. Hope your day is going well and thanks again for taking time to leave us some feedback as we really appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Hi must have been quite fun to see a new bird. Where do you live? We only see them in the spring around our parts in CO. thanks for taking time to leave us a little feedback as we really like getting it. Hope your day is going well.

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Nice shot. I’ve never seen one up close – only in flight whenever I flush them. Oops.
    Congratulations on Discover!

    1. Thanks, the oops part happens to us all the time. It is amazing how they can be right in your footsteps without even seeing them. Once they fly away into a ditch they are good as gone.

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