Hey…Follow me


With the bottom of their acorn vault looking depleted a pair of Acorn Woodpeckers makes their way towards the top shelf of their tree. The first one confidently leading the way as if saying follow me. I love the colors and the button eyes of these guys.

43 thoughts on “Hey…Follow me

  1. Nice photo ! It’s funny that you should post a picture of a woodpecker (or two) today, as we have one (though a Great Spotted one I think) flitting back and forth to our tree on the edge of our garden. We keep trying to capture it (with the camera of course) but it keeps going around to the far side.


    1. From your and dithers comments it does appear to be woodpecker week. I would love to observe a great spotted guy someday and I feel your pain with the photography of birds. They are tough subjects. Thanks for the comments as we really like to hear what others are seeing and out there.


  2. It must be woodpecker season – there’s been a greater spotted woodpecker drilling determinedly on my garden gatepost this morning. I’ve never seen them in pairs like this – nor managed to get a photo of it!


    1. Hi and thanks for the comments we really appreciate them. We don’t see great spotted woodpeckers around here. They must be quite a sight. I hope to someday find myself in a place where they live so I can see one. We usually see the acorn woodpeckers in pairs so this appears common for them. Hope pour day is good and wishing you a great weekend.

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    1. Hi Jim, we see these guys on trips out to the west coast. We don’t have them at home in CO. Beautiful and unique woodpecker and so much fun to watch. Hope your day is going well and wishing you a great weekend.

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  3. They are my favorite of the woodpeckers. Saw them for the first time down in Big Bend Nat’l Park earlier this year, but, sadly, no picture to obsess over later. Yours is just beautiful.


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