45 thoughts on “Always Blue Skies

    1. Thanks Alison, Greenland does have some magical light as the sun never went down when we were there just skimmed the horizon and going behind the mountains everyone now and again. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

          1. I’ve never written about the Yukon. It was before I started blogging. Tips: the northern lights are best seen in winter on cold clear nights after midnight. If you go in winter go dog mushing. In summer lots of places to go wilderness hiking, and the Dawson City Music Festival is pretty spectacular (you can camp in the campground across the river for minimal cost. Go to Atlin (I lived there for years) – 50km south of the Yukon border for truly spectacular scenery.

          2. Thanks, will keep those in mind especially the things to do in summer as that is probably when we would go. Can you drive to Atlin or is plane/boat required?

    1. Hi and thanks. The photograph was taken in east Greenland in 2013 on a kayoing trip. It is a very wonderful place. Hope your day is good and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks and thanks for the feedback. Wild places where the influence of man has yet to be fully felt are very inspirational places indeed. I think we humans can feel that but somehow can’t seem to stop ourselves from altering those landscapes as well. Kinda strange. Hope your day is going well and thanks again fro the feedback as we really appreciate it.

        1. and the converse as well?…are we losing our humaness (excuse the new vocabulary) if we don’t experience non-humanity.

          I tend to feel that way but only time will tell.

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