24 thoughts on “From cattail to cattail

      1. It is – always – going well. Thank-you. I tried looking up that bird – but couldn’t find it. I did, however, learn some other songs … much to my husband’s chagrin!

  1. I love this bird, but call it common yellow throat. Are the two the same? May be one of those east to west variations. One used to hang out in the thicket outside my dining room window. I didn’t know what it was and called it the bandit finch until I’d sat down with the bird book! Lovely, lovely shot.

    1. Hi I believe I made a typo in the post as we also call it a yellow throat. I do that all the time with birds that are black capped or black crowned. Thanks for pointing it out. I just fixed it. They are pretty good looking and so vibrant yellow. Hope your decides to return to your window one day.

    1. Thanks April, and thanks for the feedback and following us. We appreciate the feedback and enjoy hearing what your thoughts are on our photos. Wishing you a great weekend.

      Chrsity and Mike

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