Female Red Winged Blackbird


The Female Red Winged Blackbirds around us seem to stay hidden in the reeds and cattails once the nesting season has begun. Luckily on this day we were treated to the subtle beauty of this female sitting high on a cattail in the pond.

26 thoughts on “Female Red Winged Blackbird

    1. Hi Teri, they are usually tucked away in the reeds this time of year and quickly moving out then back into the cover. We were lucky this lady paused to allow a photo. Wishing you a great weekend.

  1. Beautiful. I just learned about the RW Blackbird this spring and was surprised at how different the female is from the male. I had the incredible fortune of stumbling upon a nest woven in the reeds of a large pond. I was careful to not disturb and after enough visits I was no longer felt a threat by the ever watchful male Redwing. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the chicks fledge due to a relocation. But it was entertaining to watch the busy mama bird flit about in preparation for and care of her little ones.

    Thank you for sharing this image.


    1. Hi, that sounds like a very nice experience. The males I have encountered during breeding season especially when the chicks hatch can be very protective and I have been shooed away from nesting areas, without even knowing I was in one, many times. Thanks for the comments and your experiences we appreciate having them on the blog.

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