40 thoughts on “Common Loon

  1. Wow, looking at loons shots always does it to me. What a beautiful bird? I think I have a couple shots taken years ago from Banff and never posted them, simply because they too far away on that lake to really appreciate their beauty. But come to think of it, I need to revisit this file and look. perhaps it might be worth posting. Great, great shot as always Mike.

    1. Hi Alix, we were lucky as these loons came pretty close to the shoreline upon which we were camping. It is always good to revisit photos as it seems that sometimes we find new ways to look at or process them. Hope your day is going well.

      1. Birding has come to a screeching halt, but the frogs, hatching titles, and resident fawn are making life in triple digit temps manageable. 😀

        Yes, a loon would be a treat here, too. They are not common this far south!

          1. Oh my gosh. Hatching TURTLES. Yes, frogs abound by the seeming millions, something not as common in drier parts in The West. Will be uploading 3 or 4 more sound bytes for different species, all right from my yard!!

          2. HI Shannon, we are looking forward to hearing the sods of different frogs. We also like recording frogs when we get a chance to hear them but usually we have to travel far and wide to hear a frog sing. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

    1. HI and we are happy we could introduce you to this loon. We don’t get to see these guys very often so our experience with them is limited but whenever we do we are thrilled to be around such interesting birds. Thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it and hope you have a great day.

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