12 thoughts on “The early bird

    1. Hi Inge, yes the Robin is perhaps one of the most common birds in America, at least in my experience. Everywhere I have lived in the USA has been home to these birds. They typically do not migrate very far from their summer homes so perhaps this is why you have not seen any stray in Norway. Hope your summer is treating you well.

  1. Hello again. It has been a cold summer so far, but today we got great weather. Lots of snow in our national parks, still excellent conditions for skiing and hiking.

    When we get strong winds from the west, it use to emerge American bird species. But never heard of observations of Robin.

    1. Hi our summer here in Colorado has been typical some hot days and some cooler day but the snow is melting fast. I would like to take a trip to Norway some day and hike, ski, paddle in your national parks.

      As for the Robin it looks like you will need to make a trip to the US to see one. 🙂

      Have a wonderful day and thanks for the comments on the blog we appreciate them.

    1. Hi and we sure agree. Robins are ubiquitous but waking to a chorus of them singing away in the pre-dawn hours and watching them hunt for worms is an image I have etched into my brain as defining spring and summer.

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