34 thoughts on “Black Crowned

  1. swedenole13

    That’s an interesting bird. I don’t think I have ever seen this one before. Gorgeous photo! It’s almost as if you were laying in the river shooting up at him!

    1. What is cool is that for years I probably did not notice they were around but once I identified one I see them all the time. In the day they are usually hanging out in well camouflaged tree but when early evening rolls around they start to hang out in the river along the bike path on the commute and fish.

  2. Beautiful! I adore these fellows. On fabulously steamy, noir nights, I go about and meander along amongst the fishermen that cluster over the black waters of the causeway- there are these charming night-herons, bobbing about on the railing, hoping to catch a wee taste of fish, their blazing orange eyes beaming through the night, illuminated in the fulgent flash of gauzy headlights- oooo I’d like to capture one someday. Gorgeous shot.

    1. Thanks Wendy, he is one of several night herons we see rising along the river in town on a regular basis. This guy like to hang out just below a little dam and wait for the fish to swim by.

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