22 thoughts on “Towards Daisy Pass

    1. Hi Charlie, I have love hate relationships with the Holga. There is one I have that when taped-up properly give me nice photos I have tried several others that just waste precious film. The nice thing is that they are cheap enough to just give away if you don’t like it. Hope your day is going well.

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          1. I really like the 12×6 frames. Obviously the images are soft but that works toward what I want to use it for.
            I have the plastic city slicker that I bought second hand. I believe there are ones with some metal. It’s a decent and fairly solid build for a plastic camera. I have no complaints except for the plastic holding the rolls. It also would be nice to have a rangefinder to focus but all in all it works for me.


          2. Thanks Charlie, I usually like the 6×12 format for landscapes but the Holga panoramic I have vignettes so much it really is not a panoramic. I will have to look for a be lair used and five it a try.

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