Stellar’s, Lichen and Light

Stellar's, Light and Lichen

While out on a morning walk we heard this Stellar’s Jay calling from within a dim forest filled with lichen covered trees. We followed the calling and when he briefly moved into a small patch of filtered morning light got a glimpse of a wonderful Jay who seemed right at home in his wonderful forest of lichen and light

60 thoughts on “Stellar’s, Lichen and Light

    1. Thanks, it was fun following this guy through the dark forest waiting for him to land in patch of light so we could get a descent photo. Hope you days is going great. I enjoyed your latest post on the swallows. Birds are a great way to anchors us to the earth as they lives follow the rhythm of the season and they provide us with that reminder. Anyway…have a good one.

  1. This is so perfectly lit and framed, it looks EXACTLY like those one of those head-shots for aspiring actors that I see peering from photography studios in Hollywood.

    1. Thanks, this guy seemed even more colorful than the typical Stellar’s Jay we usually see with many shades of blue-purple. maybe it was the light that day. Hope your day is going great.

  2. When I lived in BC, Stellar’s Jays were visible daily from my windows. To me, they looked like Blue Jays experiencing a bad hair day πŸ˜‰ A beautiful shot framed with lichens.

    1. Thanks, I also like those lichens in the photo adding a sense of place. We see Stellar’s on a regular basis but where we live in the Denver area there are only Blue Jays but just a few miles away in the foothills Stellar’s are abundant.

        1. It is cool to be able to see both. The Stellar’s are in the foothills and Mountains while the Blues Jays seem to be prevalent in the plains and cottonwood forest areas.

    1. Hi Tonia, they are cool bird. I will admit we see more than we can photograph as well. Even with the camera at ready. Seeing them is the fun part the photo are just gravy. Have a great evening and we wish you all the best.

    1. Hi SHeila, we also like these guys and spent a bit of time watching this guy going from fence beam to the ground collecting grubs and looking for bugs. A true harbinger of spring.

  3. Thanks for the recent like, it meant I found your blog. Love your style of photography and this guy in particular has such beautiful colours. WIll be back to see more in the future

    1. Thanks for the feedback and we are glad you stopped by our blog. That Jay as in prime condition full of color and just the right attitude. Wishing you a great week and we look forward to seeing you around the blog.

    1. Thanks, the Stellar’s Jay is a very cool looking bird with several subtle variations depending on location out here in the west. Hope your day is going well and you are having a great week.

    1. Thanks for the feedback as it is really appreciated. Birds are not alway stye easiest of photographic subjects but very rewarding to photograph nonetheless. Hope your doing well and thanks again for taking the time to leave some feedback.

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