32 thoughts on “Still up high

        1. Many of the photos posted on our site are in fact Christy’s. Very often we are both photographing the same subject and trading cameras back and forth so determining who took the shot is difficult.

  1. swedenole13

    The starkness of the rock giving way to the cloak it has shed, beautiful. I love mountains. They are in constant flux and colour. Really nice photo.

  2. Beautiful colours!
    We had visited many US National Parks a couples of years back, and the Colorado Plateau is one of the geological marvels, that one has to see it to believe it!
    Hope that one day I will get the chance to return there, and thanks for sharing


    1. Thanks and thanks for taking time to stop by and give us a little feedback. We really enjoy going out to the Colorado Plateau and most of Utah as the landscapes there are so beautiful and do indeed have quite the geological story to tell. I do hope you get a chance to vista again and perhaps to see some new places as well as old favorites. Take care and have a great week.

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