17 thoughts on “Just over the hill

  1. BEJEEZUS!! ….do you play dead or run in these situations …hmmmm neither you just get out you’re camera …great shot but does anyone ever wonder about your sanity Mike? :D:D:D

    1. Hi, well there is reason enough to question my sanity but not while taking this photo. I was safe and sound in the front seat of my car using a long telephoto lens. Hope your doing well and have a wonder-filled weekend.

      1. Phew!! ….thank goodness for that …the photo gives the impression of scrambling up a hill ….looking up ….and ….uh oh!!!
        So job done AGAIN …a super image …whether it be serenity …wonder and beauty …a kind of respectful fear …your pics always give us something :D:D:D

    1. Hi Eliza, if I was close I would have been worried as well but this photo was taken with a 400mm lens from one of my favorite photography blinds, the front seat of a car. He was waiting for his tribe to cross the road and looking down from one side to the other to see where they were.

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