20 thoughts on “One in every crowd.

  1. That’s the best thing about nature, it has no boss. Nothing to pull all the right strings, or make the perfect shot. You just have to wait and enjoy the experience. Beautiful pictures!

  2. I’ve only ever been able to photograph hooded and common mergansers at a GREAT distance. Same with wood ducks. I haven’t mastered the art of being invisible — yet. I’d say these photos are awesome and you did a great job! I’m a little jealous actually.

    1. Hi and thanks for the comments. Well, as evidenced by those shots I am not invisible but have found being on the water in a kayak does get me close to the common mergansers. The hoodies on the other had are much more shy and being that they are only around us in the winter our shots are indeed a bit more distant. They are are always fun to photograph nonetheless. Hope you have a great weekend.

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