22 thoughts on “Medicine Bow

    1. Hi, did a bit of research and this is what I found.

      The generally accepted version is that the Native American tribes which inhabited southeastern Wyoming found mountain mahogany in one of the mountain valleys from which bows of exceptional quality were made. It became the custom of friendly tribes to assemble there annually and construct their weapons. At these assemblies, there were ceremonial powwows for the cure of disease which, in the hybrid speech that developed between the Indians and the early settlers, was known as making –medicine. Eventually, the settlers associated the terms “making-medicine” and “making bow”, and Medicine Bow resulted as the name for the locality. Later the name gained worldwide renown through Owen Wister’s novel, “The Virginian”.

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  1. sueashby7

    I have always loved Medicine Bow! I have not been up there since my kids were little. We used to backpack up there. What a treat this post is. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories.

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    1. Hi and thanks for the feedback and taking the time to leave it. Sorry for the delayed response but things just got busy. We enjoy posting what we see and are glad you enjoy our posts. Hope your day is going great and your week off to a wonderful start.


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