In the Fall Grass

In teh fall grass

Despite the fact that mornings are starting to dip below freezing, this little guy is still hanging in there and looking quite comfortable with his antennae blowing in the breeze on a colorful fall morning.

53 thoughts on “In the Fall Grass

    1. Thanks Melissa, this was one cute little guy and very cooperative with the portrait. I mostly like the fact that a bit of the fall color and environment is present along with the grasshopper in this one.

  1. swedenole13

    Ha ha, that surprised me when I scrolled down! What a fun photo! Have a lovely weekend, hope it’s not too cold in your neighborhood yet!

    1. He is a cute little guy. We have had a very extended indian summer so the weather really has been perfect although that could change in an instant. The weekend is predicted to be sunny and warm so I will sure try to get out and enjoy it and I hope yo can do the same.

    1. Thanks and thank for taking time to give a bit of feedback. We appreciate it. That guys was very cooperative and the fall micro-lanscape was really nice that day.Wishing you a great weekend.

    1. Now if only we could shrink ourselves down to a size that would allow us to go for a ride on that little land rover. That would be well worth the price of admission so to speak. Have a great weekend.

  2. This is an absolutely superb image Mike! The ambience surrounding the subject, as well as the subject itself is magnificent! It has an alieness quality about it.This has to be one of the best photographs I have seen of this nature since I joined here back in July of this year. Well done!

    1. Pete, thanks for the kind words. We really appreciate them and thanks for following along here. We really appreciate your positing and the ability they have to show us wonderful photographs of the world around us and educate at the same time.

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