A quiet start


After the hoopla it’s nice to have a nice quiet start to the New Year.

Looking out into the Pacific ocean on a foggy morning on Vancouver Island.

You might not be able to see into the distance but there is still plenty to look at.

Rocks, water fog and sea.

27 thoughts on “A quiet start

  1. Last week I saw waters connected to the Pacific. But, not the ocean itself. I was in and around Seattle-Tacoma. We stayed at a house at the Tacoma Narrows. A buoy anchored just offshore showed the flow of tide in and out. It was soothing to see the rhythm.

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    1. Hi, yes watching, listening and feeling the ocean and waves roll in and out is indeed a great way to spend the day. We also don’t live near the sea but do have the itch to visit it nearly every year. Hope your 2017 is off to a great start.


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