On the bull kelp


A tiny Yellow Rumped Warbler found the bull kelp a perfect perch for hunting sand flies and other small insects on the beach. This girl would quickly dart down form the kelp to snag a small meal and quickly return to her perch. Seeing her sitting on the head of the bull kelp made us realize just how small she was. We watched a documentary about songbirds the other night called The Messenger. Here is a link to the website http://songbirdsos.com
It is a very timely reminder about what a world without song birds would be like.

18 thoughts on “On the bull kelp

  1. gpj103

    What a lovely little bird! We have grey warblers in our garden here in Auckland but I have never managed to snap a photo of one (yet) but they have red eyes and a lovely little song. Their nests are targeted by Shining Cuckoos sometimes and I have seen one feeding one of these much larger birds a while back.

    1. Hi Graham, I feel lucky when I can photograph a warbler. They are so small and always seem to be moving about. Every time I get the camera out and try to focus on one they have moved. We don’t have Cuckoos here but a bird with similar behavior called a cow bird.

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