A bit of sunshine


An American Robin dressed in his winter coat brings a bit of sunshine to a very grey January day. We usually don’t have quite this level of grey here in Colorado like we had last weekend so I am grateful the sun has returned this week.

May your days be filled with sunshine and may Robins fill your trees.

18 thoughts on “A bit of sunshine

  1. The robins seem to have moved south from here in eastern IA. They’ll start coming back next month. In years past they arrived well before there was a good food supply of worms and such. There is a crabapple tree in the cul-de-sac circle out front. They converged on it and ate all the gooey rotten tiny apples. Their droppings were everywhere and quite colorful. I kept the car in the garage. 🙂

    1. Mary, sorry to hear the birds have been driven out of Sydney. Birds usually seem so resilient. I am happy to share those we have around here. Hop your day has been great and wishing you a great week.

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