10 thoughts on “Winter Willows

    1. Yes, I really like the willows in winter probably because they are frozen over and being able to move through terrain that is usually boggy and wet gives me a new views of the world.

  1. Hey, Mike…just wanted to say thank you for bringing beauty into our every day. Our current political scene has left me wondering how to make a positive difference. I think you’re on the right track…showing the beauty that’s around us despite the overwhelming negativity. So, thank you. BTW, I think my all-time fav is your bittern photo labelled “Nothing here to see,”…love it! Thanks!

    1. Hi and thanks. It is feedback like your that really puts a smile on my face. I think we all can make a positive difference and perhaps it requires us to remain positive and I am glad you find these posts somewhat positive as I too struggle to remain positive in the strange post truth world we inhabit. Hope your day was fine and thanks again for your kind words as they inspire us to keep up what we are doing.

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