The Squabble

It was short and somewhat mild but was sure was a squabble nonetheless. It occurred on a sunny Sunday morning along a quiet stretch of the creek. A female Goldeneye had found just the right rock to gather a little sun and enjoy the day.


Then that cute looking Ringneck
swam into the frame and headed straight for the rock upon which our Goldenye stood.


The squabble was on.



And with nothing more than that piercing glance only a Ringneck can give the rock was taken over.


Looking smug in her success this girl only stood for a minute the slid back in the water and swam happily away with her adversaries of the day.


And although it ended peacefully I will alway remember this as the squabble.

18 thoughts on “The Squabble

  1. Fantastic personalities. BTW, I love your blog’s new look. ‘Lovecraft’ seems appropriate a theme name for NatureHasNoBoss if ever there was one! Keep it up, Mike. (See? I come to the blog occasionally, no just ‘like’ from my Reader.)


    1. HI Shannon, I love the love craft theme as it is simple and does a nice job with what we do Here. Believe it or not I can see that you visit more often than not and we really appreciate it. Hope your week is off to allying start.

      Liked by 1 person

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