10 thoughts on “Surge Channel

  1. Beautiful west coast scene – have you hiked the Pacific Wild Trail near Ucluelet? Many vistas similar to your photo, inlet after inlet with an easy trail for carrying gear and multiple lookouts.

  2. As a former Geologist,I’ve noticed surge channels & studied them.A surge channel starts out as a crack in the rocks face.The waves over the years begin to erode this crack like a cavity.Forward many thousands of years & this crack has been eroded enough to produce a small channel.The channel will follow this crack .I’ve found caves large enough to fit several transport trucks in.The roof of this cave will eventually erode enough that it’ll cave in on it’s self,leaving a surge channel.
    Don’t recognize this one ,but I’ll bet it’s off the Wild Pacific trail?

    1. Next time we find our way to your area we need a geology tour. It is something we are longing to learn more about. We have seen some really interesting rocks and formations on the West Coast of the Island and really ow it to ourselves to understand them more.

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