Pinyon Jay

While getting ready to go for a hike a while ago we were pleased to have the company of numerous Pinyon Jays buzzing about in the parking area collecting seeds.

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Pinyon Jays are highly social birds of the lower mountain slopes of the western United States, the Pinyon Jay is specialized for feeding on pine seeds. Each jay stores thousands of seeds each year, and has such a good memory that it can remember where most of them were hidden.

Now if only I could bottle that kind of memory and take a sip every morning I might never forget where I placed my keys.

Penitente Canyon, CO.

12 thoughts on “Pinyon Jay

      1. Well, glad we can assist but alas our view is limited yet we are quite honored at your compliment.

        Hope you are having a great day and your spring adventures and observations are happy ones.

    1. Hi, Jim I knew this behavior and ecology existed between the Clark’s Nutcracker and the White Barked Pine but had never thought about it with other corvids and other trees. thanks for pointing out the obvious.

    1. Hi Eliza, it is a cool little beard this one has and so white perhaps they are wise with wisdom? Who know but that blue is sure something to look at.

      Hope your day has gone well and happy tomorrow.

    1. Hi and yes they are quite fun to watch. They were moving so fast and so much at first it left us guessing as to if they were bluebirds or Jays. Luckily one took a breather for a minute so we could get a good look and also the much desired photo.

      Hope your day has gone well.

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