It felt like a dream

A long days drive that felt like a dream.
Dreamt in a landscape odd yet familiar.

Pelicans held flightless by gale like winds share a lake with old windmills and dusty dry hills.

A turtle crossing a car-less dirt road headed towards a pond only this turtle knows.

A landscape left all alone.

Sandhills of Nebraska.

22 thoughts on “It felt like a dream

  1. Thanks for those photos, especially the white pelicans. We look forward to their return here. Many summer over on a local large reservoir of the Iowa River.

    When we drive to Yellowstone this summer, we will probably go through the Sand Hills. Never been there.

    1. Hi Jim, we also have Pelicans which when they return, usually late april, herald the beginning of summer on a local lake.

      The Sandhills were a unique landscape and if it were wetter than it is now could present many interesting wildlife viewing opportunities.

      Hope you enjoy them and your time in Yellowstone this summer.

    1. Hi Jet and thanks a ton. We had never been up in that area even though it was less than a day away so we thought a quick weekend trip would be nice. It was very unique and I would even go back again when I find the time. A very big space to roam around in.

    1. HI Eliza, it is always amazing how many other worlds we have left to explore in our world. How to get that point across is something I need to spend more time on in the future. We do live in a wonderful planet.

        1. HI Eliza and perhaps one of the most compelling reason to save what is left of the non-human world is that it is so darn beautiful and do give us humans so much pleasure.

    1. Hi, it is a very stark and beautiful place. I imagine if we had gone a tad latter in the spring it would have greened up nicely and had some wildflowers so the early spring visit added to the stark dreamy feel.

      It is worth visit and slow drive through the landscape when you get a chance.

  2. Very dreamy! We just don’t get these kinds of great open expanses or the same sense of vastness here in the UK – it can make one feel profoundly small and extremely fortunate to live amongst such epic beauty. I love the states for this. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing!
    Best wishes

    1. HI and thanks again for the feedback. The vastness is perhaps something I take for granted having lived in the western US for many, many years and am always reminded by travels to Europe. One when I was a graduate student I took a student from the UK on a drive to New Mexico and they made me stop in a secluded spot on the road and stood in awe that he could see no fences at all on the landscape.

      Open spaces are very special and thanks for reminding me I live in in place where they still exist.

      1. Yes, we have beautiful countryside here, however, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find such pristine open landscapes like that. It’s very special. Keep up the great pics!

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