24 thoughts on “Magpie

      1. When my son was 2 or 3, we had a swing from a pine tree branch over the driveway. One day while pushing him, a piece of bratwurst fell from higher branches and landed under him. A crow hopped around looking for his lost meal then flew off.

  1. Seattle Park Lover

    What a great shot! The magpies around my aunt’s place in eastern Washington are so shy, any little movement sends them flapping away. Still have yet to get a decent pic.

  2. So beautiful! I have a border collie, and he is always looking very suspicious on these birds, so I have begun to call them (when I’m talking to my dog…) border collie birds…
    Then he looks very suspicious at me….. 😂

    1. Hi Marie, your dog has good reason to be suspicious as I have heard these smart guys do like to steal dog food when given the chance. 🙂

      Hope your week is going well and spring has arrived in your part of the world.

      1. Hehe, well, he is a smart guy too… 😂
        And about the spring? No, not really… The snow is all gone and the hepaticas has arrived, but. O kore than that. And the weather forecast for this week says: more snow….🤢

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