On a recent trip to Yellowstone NP we watched this young mountain goat along with his mother feeding on some nice fresh greens not far from Mammoth Hot Springs. It is always fun to get to see these guys and this youngster just looked so sweet in his classic mountain goat pose on top of a rock.

38 thoughts on “Junior

        1. Not a silly questions at all. Goats are not uncommon but not usual as well. Especially where we saw them in this photo. If you get a chance and want to see wildlife Yellowstone is a great place to spend a little time. Especially if you hike a bit to get away from the crowds. Also I would pair a trip to Yellowstone with a vista to Glacier National Park where there are numerous opportunities to see goats.

    1. Hi Eliza, I do like how he is in a way sturdy as you say. The mountain goat seems to move so steady and sure over all terrain and with a humble confidence. Much to learn by watching these guys.

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