Dressed for the occasion.

A little Prairie Dog stands tall to survy their surroundings on the Pawnee National Grasslands. He appears perfectly dressed for the dry grass this spring. Blending in well to your surroundings is a fine way to avoid those nasty Hawks and Prairie Falcons buzzing about overhead not to mention the myriad other animals and perhaps a reptile to two who night find the this little guy a fine meal.


Pawnee National Grasslands, 2017.

16 thoughts on “Dressed for the occasion.

      1. Our burrowing bettongs has similar habits but they are threatened. We are losing more animals to extinction and at a faster rate than anyone else, I think, because Australia is relatively new to settlers and we still have more to lose.

        1. Hi Mary, I hope you have at least gotten a chance to enjoy what is or what (was). I often wonder what it was like just 100 years ago with much more abundance in North America. Must have been aging to behold.

          1. I have been lucky to have seen a lot of rare natives in my travels all over the country. A hundred years ago we still had a lot more rainforests and other habitats that are now gone for good. What’s left are going, going….

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