Box 29

Last Sunday the wind was blowing hard but that did not deter these little Tree Swallows from spending their day looking for a suitable summer residence and it sure seemed like box 29 was high on their list of desirable homes.

The competition was high and words of caution we flying as freely as these swallows glide through the skies.

A quick resting spot on the roof was in order and acceptable to both shoppers at box 29.

Photographed on a very windy morning at Hutton Lakes NWR, near Laramie WY.

22 thoughts on “Box 29

    1. Hi Martha, yes the keepers are always a minority on days spent trying, and trying ti the operative word, to photographs these speedy little guys. Hope you have a great day and thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it.

    1. Thanks and we are glad to hear your swallows have returned as well. They provide so much pleasure when watching them flying about hunting for insects. Have a wonderful day.

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