We recently have seen a couple of these small guys buzzing about in the shrubs where we like to take an afternoon walk. Not a bird we have the pleasure of seeing very often so their presence this spring has been a treat.


15 thoughts on “Bushtit

    1. Hi Eliza, they are a bit like a chickadee but bounce around from bush to bush quicker than a chickadee and stay a little more hidden in the shrubs. Have a great weekend.

  1. They usually travel in flocks of a dozen or so, so when you see a pair, it is the sign that they are nesting. Not easy to capture, for all their flitting, great photos, Mike.

    1. Hi Jet and thanks for the info. It then appears that these two are indeed a pair and after looking at there eyes we have a male and female so ti must be so. Hope your week has started well.

  2. Seattle Park Lover

    I love bushtits. They can move so incredibly fast. Makes for a very difficult portrait subject, so nicely done!

    1. Hi and thanks, yes these guys are a handful when trying to get a good portrait but a few always turn out. We only have seen them in this spot where we like to walk this year so it has been a treat watching them buzz about. Hop your day has been great and wishing you a wonderful week.

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