Join me in welcoming a new baby Killdeer to this wonderful world of ours.

Hiding in the tall grass we spotted just a hint of movement as we went by and low and behold we found this guy along with his siblings zipping to and fro exploring their new surrounding. He posed for a quick portrait and them hustled back to the clan. All was good in the grass along the ditch.

34 thoughts on “New

  1. So sweet! I really enjoy watching and listening to these birds. They are so quirky. It’s funny to watch the “Help me, I’m dying!” antics the mother puts on to distract you if you get too close to her nest.

    1. HI, it is fun to observe and interact with the killdeer and their experience their behaviors. In this case the Mom did try to distract us a bit but the chicks seemed to be more interested in following her than staying put.

  2. This is a precious portrait. Lovely! I’ve got a nest of baby robins in my backyard, but they are nestled in the rafters of the patio cover. I’m not sure how to get pictures of them, but I’m inspired by this.

    1. Hi Sonya, we had a similar experience with finches once nesting in the rafters of our patio. Luckily there was a window in the house that gave us a birds eye view into the nest so to speak. Hope your day is gong well.

  3. We are flowing over with cute here! Three fluffy hawks by the creek and then today the matriarch of a regular doe herd gave birth — in our yard. Babies are just the best for the soul, Mike. Thanks for re-sharing yours!

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