The Charmer

Some guys just know that they have the stuff to get the ladies and this is one of those guys…The Charmer. There were numerous Red Winged Blackbirds on the pond this day all strutting there stuff but to my untrained eye, heck i’m a human not a female Red Winged Blackbird, this guy just stood out.

He sang his song like no others birds on the pond and with a style non could match.

When he finished singing he put his brilliant red wings on display which none of the other males were doing. Most just sang and sang.

Yes…this guy knows he is The Charmer.

Denver, CO.

17 thoughts on “The Charmer

  1. Those are great shots. The other day on a walk we spotted a dark bird we couldn’t ID. After checking the photo a while it turned out to be a juvenile red-winged blackbird. I wish I had a photo to share now.

  2. The KING! Great captures of this exceptionally handsome crooner, Mike. Even the reddish edges to the back feathers, something I’d never seen in any other photos.

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