Ibis Foraging

White faced Ibis foraging in shallow ponds at Bear River National Wildlife Refuge.

It was amazing to see so many Ibis working these ponds to find a days meal.

But as can be expected when food and family are involved a few squabbles are sure to occur. This one was settled quickly and all in all it was a peaceful day watching these brilliantly colored birds go about their business.

9 thoughts on “Ibis Foraging

    1. Thanks Eliza, the midday sun did not show off their plumage as well late afternoon but it is amazing nonetheless. Hope you have a great weekend and the hail storms have left your region.

        1. Rare hail is good hail. We got hit again a few weeks ago and it was a mess with the garden being the least of most peoples concerns. A local mall is even going to be closed for 4-5 months from the damage and repairs required.

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