Skunks may not smell so sweet but you have to give them a “10” for looks.

For us Skunks are smelled more than seen so it was nice to see one in daylight wandering about looking for a meal. Anyone out there have any good stories about skunk encounters to share? Mine mostly involve dogs getting sprayed and the resultant tomato juice bath for the poor pooch.

18 thoughts on “Pee-yew

  1. On my first visit to the USA we camped at Mesa Verde, must have left a tiny bit of food outside. Two skunks were fighting over it (they sound like cats) one of them sprayed and it drifted into the tent, quick exit. :>)

  2. Rare to see them in daylight. Around here they warn to look out for rabies when we see raccoons and skunks during the day. Although when there are young to feed, they may be forced to forage during the day.
    Plenty of skunk stories – personally, two face-to-face encounters where the first I turned and ran and another where I froze until Pepe moved on. Never fun!

    1. Hi Eliza, probably they had young to peed as they were busily rooting around in marsh area nearby and seems determined with their task at hand.

      Skunk encounters are indeed memorable but thankfully only smelly on occasion.

  3. A skunk one night, dug under my neighbors bush. the skunk kept screaming in a high tone, but kept digging. In the morning I saw what he was after, an under ground yellow jacket nest. The skunk ate half of it, and by night fall came back for the other half.

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