Fishing hole

Usually you like to keep the location of a good fishing hole to yourself. In this case it looks like the word got out. Pelicans, Cormorants, a Blue Heron, Western Grebe were all present and the Tern you can’t forget the Tern. When the fishing is good you gotta get fishing.

16 thoughts on “Fishing hole

  1. This is off-topic for your post. Have you taken hwy 130 across the Medicine Bow Forest and Snowy Range? Looks like some interesting hikes up there. We are considering it as a route on our upcoming drive.

    1. HI Jim, we have indeed driven that stretch of highway many times. It is lovely and there are a several nice spots to hike either up high near the summit of the pass or lower down, especially on the east side. There is also a nice hot springs in Saratoga if your bones are in need of a soak. There is ample camping on either side of the pass if you are going that route as well. Also the fishing is good in many places along the North Platte and at several lakes near the east side of the pass nearer to Laramie.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to see Pelicans in the high desert!?! Lovely shot. I can’t believe how much snow you still have in Colorado. It’s pretty much all gone here in New Mexico.

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