More Sounds of Silence

Sound to take in without sound to block out.

Although I posted this  a week ago I just became aware of this new study on noise in our national parks and thought it important to pass along. The link is below.

Yes it is more than just a feeling ….Noise levels in our wild places are increasing at a rapid pace and what the consequences are only time will tell. Unless we respect that silence it seems it will soon be gone.


Yes, Silence has a sound that is becoming silenced.

27 thoughts on “More Sounds of Silence

  1. I fully endorse your sentiment that “Silence has a sound that is becoming silenced”. Fortunately we can still find places in this country where one can listen to the sussuration of the wind, notes of birdsong and the tinkling sound of water – except when an aircraft flies overhead on its way from one major city to the next!

    1. HI Anne, we too still have those quiet spots and like you can experience silence until the aircraft fly overhead. It is amazing that it is really hard to find a spot where aircraft don’t fly through.

    1. HI Mary, that is the quietest time we have here in Denver, CO as well. It is nice to get up early before the roar of traffic when you can still hear the birds in the neighborhood sing and the sirens are silent and dogs not barking. Hope your day is going well.

    1. HI and I am with you. It is funny when you do find a quiet spot for just a bit as you can actually feel the physical change that occurs. Sometimes it takes a minute or two to for me realize what has happened then a little lightbulb comes on and I say to myself that it is quiet. Having silence outside does help with the silence within. Have a great day and thanks for the feedback.

      1. Yes, it can be shocking to the system because I think more and more we are rarely given quietness. It is a gift, and one I hope to continue to relish. You have a beautiful rest of your weekend!

  2. Thanks for the link to the article – an excellent piece! It sure makes sense that noise scared seed dispersers will cause new and not necessarily better growth patterns. Aside from car and plane noise pollution, my major bug bear is people playing music when hiking. They have speakers in backpacks! Bloody antisocial and completely at odds with the natural soundtrack.
    Really like the second photograph, looks west coast – where was it taken?
    Enjoy a peaceful weekend!

    1. HI and I couldn’t agree more and it’s not like headphones we not created just yesterday and just like the music you listen to can be worn as a symbol of who you are depending on brand. I also get a little cheesed off when I have to listen to phone conversations on the trail as well.

      The second photo was out on the west coast in the Bunsby Islands.

      Weekend is going well so far.

  3. I long for silence. The closest I get around here is about 3 a.m. Right now, at 4pm, I hear 2 lawnmowers going, planes overhead, cars and trucks go by. As the article states, the East is among the worst. Noise and light pollution are increasing, even in this rural area. I’m grateful that at least our nights are still relatively quiet.

    1. Hi Eliza, I can fully empathize with you. There is hardly a moment in the day without some background noise and the level of that noise is increasing everywhere it seems. The hum of the traffic has increased so much I wonder how birds and insects can even communicate with each other these days let alone how I can stay sane.

    1. Thanks and thanks for the feedback. Glad you found the link interesting and we hope we can provide more info like this as we find it. Have a great day and wonderful rest of the week.

    1. Yes it is and it is not a real fear but one learned. I bet if a person did have time to sit and listen without having to block so much sound out they would feel a deep sense of relief. Have a nice day and thanks for the feedback as we really appreciate it.

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