12 thoughts on “Yellow Headed Blackbird

  1. Striking. Headed home now across Nebraska. Enjoyed our time in the mountains. We saw 4 moose cross hwy 14 at the pass going from Walden to Ft Collins.

    1. Hi Jim, that is the first place I ever saw a moose. Up x-c skiing at cameron pass while I was in college in Ft. Collins several decades ago. The population of moose up there has grown over the years and near Walden is a very reliable place to see moose these days. Have a safe trip across Nebraska.

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    So pretty. We get a couple passing through in the spring. I always love to see them. They never stay, though. Nice shot!

    1. HI and hope your doing well. We don’t see these guy in our area all to often but if we travel just an half hour east of Denver or a duple hours north they are abundant in the marsh areas. Wonderful looking birds and that crazy call is so fun to listen to.

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